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PURE PLUS World's #1 Water Treatment Manufacturer’s company Importer & Exporter 



PURE-PLUS Water Corporation was established to supply high quality water treatment systems and accessories. We are specialized in assembling manufacturing & Importer a variety of standard and customized Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration, Membranes and Water Ionizers.



"Made in the USA, Vietnam, and Taiwan or China" is recognized worldwide as a label for high quality products and value. We believe here at Pure-Plus Water Corporation that we are a company with honesty and integrity built in to everything we do. We have over ten year’s expertise in reverse osmosis drinking water systems, Importer and export only Pure-plus Patented Products (Worldwide Dealer Opportunities - Top 10 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems)

Pure-Plus products you can always count on, number one source for high quality reverse osmosis water filters and R.O. components. 

Pure Plus's unique design features make installation easier and operation more reliable, and wide selection of colors and sizes allows you to solve virtually any RO application. Our goal is to deliver the excellent RO system which comes with high quality and good price, allowing you to focus with confidence on building your business. (*The Greatest Drinking Water Experience on Earth! )

Our mission is

Our team

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and products in the water treatment industry. Therefore, through our commitment, our customers can be assured that their future filter requirements will be met with state-of-the-art solutions.

To compete in today's marketplace, you need to work with an established company offering a range of quality products and experienced technical assistance. For quality, saving and services, we are your clear choice.


Customer Satisfaction

We believe that customer satisfaction should be our highest priority ensuring you get the very best from us. For this reason we have a team of trained people ready to help and advise you. We realize that when you decide to RO systems to run your own water purification system. The RO systems you pick need to meet a very high standard. This is why we carefully manufacturer & Importer high quality system for you. Each RO systems has 100% factory tested and sterilized ready, design innovation and quality.