• Hot warm Cold RO system

    Polished stainless steel water dispenser for the ultimate designer look. Upgrading to this water cooler is like getting a stainless steel American fridge in one’s home.

    Product Features:

    • RO Water + Great Taste!
    • Easily combine with PurePro RO units
    • Designer Bottle-less Water Coolers
    • Quality Components
    • 5 Stages of Water Purification
    • RO or UV Water Filter Option
    • pH Balance Filter (optional)
    • Mineral Replacement (optional)
    • Stainless steel for ultimate designer look
    • Stainless Steel Reservoirs
    • Hot, Cold and Room Water Dispensers

    Bottle less Advantage:  • Pure, Low Cost Drinking Water
    • No Heavy Bottles to lift or store
    • Better Sanitation and Health
    • Superior Water Filter Equipment
    • POU Water Dispenser is Green

    ৳ 99,000৳ 115,000 14% off

    Hot warm Cold RO system

    ৳ 99,000৳ 115,000 14% off Add to cart
  • Smart Healthy Pure Drinking Water Purifier

    Model :korihome

    8 stage reverse osmosis water filter system.
    Build-in high capacity booster pump.
    Extremely versatile  RO system.
    Easy installation, just plug & drink 
    Auto shut-off when no feed water come in.
    cartridges for easy maintenance.

    ৳ 18,500৳ 22,000 16% off

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