Compact High Capacity RO system

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Whole Home, Commercial and Industrial RO

As people become increasingly aware of the benefits of purified water, the demand for equipment capable of treating both municipal and well water supplies continues to grow. As a result, Whole House and Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems are becoming widely accepted. We carry a wide variety of RO systems, one of which will fit your application and your budget.

Can provide packaged Reverse Osmosis systems with capacities ranging from 800 GPD to 60,000 GPD and up. These systems are ideal for small and medium-sized water stores or bottling operations.

Models / Specifications RO 1500 RO 3000 RO 4500 RO 6000 RO 12000 RO 15000 RO 24000
Capacity Gal / day 1500 GPD 3000 GPD 4500 GPD 6000 GPD 12000 G 15000G 24000G
Working Pressure PSI  150 – 250 PSI
Pr-Filtration  2 x 20″ Filter Housing ( 20″ PP Cartridges 5u) TK207

(20″ PP Cartridges 5u X7)

Booster Pump 0.75KW

(1 HP)

Vertical Type Multistage Booster Pump
Vertical Type Multistage Booster Pump
Vertical Type Multistage Booster Pump
Vertical Type Multistage Booster Pump
Vertical Type Multistage Booster Pump
Membrane Material T.F.C with FRP outer wrap
Size x Unit 4040 x 1 4040 x 2 4040 x 3 4040 x 4 4040 x 8 4040 x10 8040 x4
Membrane Housing  Material 304 stainless steel with caps FRP
Size x Unit  4040 x 1 4040 x 2 4040 x 3 4040 x 4 4080 x 4 4080 x 5 8080 x 2
Flow Meters   Purewater / Wastewater
Pressure Gauges  Feed water pressure /  Booster pump outlet pressure gauges
Water quality indicator  TDS meter with LCD
Electrical Controls  Micro-computer control, overload breakers, LED indicators
Frames Parts   Stainless steel main frame
Size 480mm x 600mm x 1540mm 550mm x 800mm x 1600mm 700mm x 2500mm x 1550mm
Weight ≒80kg ≒100kg ≒120kg ≒150kg ≒300kg ≒350kg
Optional Components Work Flow Process Control Panel


  Feed Water Requirements:
Feed Water Pressure > 40PSI Feed Water Temp.:20~45℃ Feed Water TDS < 1000PPM
SDI < 3 turbidity < 1 NTU iron < 0.1PPM
PH : 3~11 oxidizer < 0 PPM hardness < 5PPM


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Compact High Capacity RO system